The Future is No-code/Low-code

Blog: The Future is No-code/Low-code

October 28, 2020, by Nestor Lara

What is no-code/low-code?

No-code/Low-code is a technology leap that allows you to create software solutions via a user interface that requires little or no computer programming (hence the name). Instead of programming, it enables a business user to drag and drop visual elements and define rules and constraints to create event-driven applications.

Example use cases

1. Temporarily change any shipments going to a state suffering from a natural disaster to get free shipping
2. Automatically propose adding a complementary product to a set of materials to eliminate the dependence on a sales rep adding it
3. Trigger an email alert for customers that haven't purchased over a certain period

Why do I need it?

Okay, so no-code/low-code isn't going to replace your team of developers any time soon. In our opinion, this technology can add value to specific use cases, but when the solution requirements are too complicated, you still need the expertise of a development team. Developers specialize in thinking logically and understand abstract concepts that allow them to create complex applications. However, no-code/low-code can enable your continuous improvement or operational excellence team to deploy small discrete solutions without developers more quickly. To maximize your business's technology advantage, you need to identify use cases where no-code/low-code is appropriate. If applied correctly, it will lead to substantially lower "development" time, lower costs and increased efficiency.

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