Closing the Innovation Gap

Blog: The future is low-code/no-code

March 15, 2021, by Nestor Lara

Identifying Technology Bottlenecks

Our team has built dozens of custom enterprise cloud applications, and while the results were successful, there were always challenges. After reviewing our processes, we identified the technology bottleneck was the broken development workflow for SAP custom application development. With custom solutions, you need a programmatic way to test, deploy, and the flexibility to adapt to new requirements, and this was missing in the SAP app development process. Other frameworks and platforms have dedicated solutions, but they were not compatible with ERP software. Of course, being the enthusiastic software developers that we are, we couldn't stop there. Last year, amidst all the uncertainty with COVID-19, we decided we needed to find a better way to solve this problem, and we pivoted to building software-as-a-service (SaaS). We are excited to introduce SD Core. SD Core allows you to quickly and securely integrate with the latest sales channels to create and track enterprise selling, shipping, and billing.

SD Core: The Path Forward

SD Core simplifies the sales process and is well-defined yet flexible to allow you to continue innovating without worrying about your SAP ERP constraints. Imagine adding functionality to accept orders by text in days, not months, or creating an Amazon Skill to provide order status in an afternoon.

"Alexa, open 10xCoding and check my order status."

SD Core makes this all possible. Solving the problem was no easy task. Our combined team applied decades of experience developing software applications, and the outcome is a cutting-edge solution to bridge the gap between the latest technology and your ERP system. ERP is rigid, heavy, and yet profoundly integrated with your organization, leading to slower growth and limiting competitiveness. SD Core breaks all these barriers. It allows you to easily manage orders through the web, sell through the latest technology solutions, and customize workflows to your business needs instead of being dictated by ERP limitations.

We're very excited to share what we created and look forward to helping you build a better path forward.

Closing The Innovation Gap

Innovation requires a high level of modularity. Developers need the flexibility to use whatever tool is necessary to support their company to stay competitive with technology trends. Modular technology still needs to follow the "rules" of an ERP system of record, but its implementation can be substantially different from a previous version or often entirely new. SD Core makes this possible.

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