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Blog: Top 3 Reasons Custom Software Projects Fail

April 5, 2021, by Nestor Lara

#projectmanagement #saperp #abap
Imagine if car companies only sold custom-designed cars. While the result might get you... continue reading

Blog: Headless Architecture

March 26, 2021, by Daniel Southern

#devops #saperp #abap
The 2006 release of SAP ERP 6.0 predates Docker's initial release by seven years! The two technologies... continue reading

Blog: Headless Architecture

March 19, 2021, by Nestor Lara

#headlessarchitecture #systemdesign
Headless architecture has been around for some time but has picked up popularity recently, particularly in e-commerce... continue reading

Blog: Closing the Innovation Gap

March 15, 2021, by Nestor Lara

#enterprise #productivity
Our team has built dozens of custom enterprise cloud applications, and... continue reading

Blog: Network Partners

November 18, 2020, by Nestor Lara

As networking, and most business practices for that matter... continue reading

Blog: Digital tools for enterprise

November 10, 2020, by Nestor Lara

#enterprise #productivity
Nowadays, all businesses strive to boost productivity, i.e., do more with less. While large companies set performance goals... continue reading

Blog: Do more with less

November 5, 2020, by Nestor Lara

"Do more with less" holds for businesses of any size, from a one-person shop to a global enterprise. As a small team ourselves, continue reading

Blog: The future is low-code/no-code

October 28, 2020, by Nestor Lara

#enterprise #innovative
Low-code/no-code is a technology leap that allows you to create software solutions via a user interface that requires little or no computer programming (hence the name). Instead of programming, it enables a business... continue reading

Blog: Hello, World! Blog Banner

October 21, 2020, by Nestor Lara

We launched a new website! The new site highlights our updated company focus. It also allows us to share technical tips, lessons learned, and industry knowledge to help you... continue reading